Regarding me

I’m a passionate creative product developer with 17 + years of experience making products for learning, marketing and pure entertainment.

Working as a designer, developer and sometimes project manager has given me an in-depth understanding of product development from all perspectives.

During my years as self-employed, I acquired a broad skillset as a product developer and game designer and have often completed projects alone. But when needed I have built the right team for the job.

I purchased my first Unity license directly from David Helgasson after meeting him on a bus in Aalborg, back when Unity was still a Mac-only product.

Since then I had quite a long flirt with Flash but have been focused on Unity as a tool for the last decade.

I have worked for clients such as Danmarks Radio, Rockwool, Grundfos, Novo Nordisk, Designit, Insero, Danske regioner, Jyske Bank, Unity Studios, Marselisborg Hospital and many others.

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